Why Public Art Matters

Published on May 03, 2022

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There’s a fine line between street art and public art. While street art is considered rebellious and illegal, public art is commissioned by cities and is considered culturally and aesthetically enriching. Public Art is an expression of local personality that enhances the community’s value and economic vitality. Art brings Grand Prairie together!

Reasons to support public art

Public art is… you guessed it, PUBLIC. That means everyone has access to it! It also enriches our cultural heritage and physical environment, bringing schools, banks, businesses and municipally-owned buildings to life! Public art is a great tool for civic engagement as it creates professional opportunities for artists while helping to boost the local economy by becoming a tourism asset. Yes, come take all the selfies you want in Grand Prairie!

Public art also brings communities together in a supportive learning environment that raises awareness about important issues, such as environmental stewardship and respect for diversity. Public art opens our eyes and minds to help make Grand Prairie the Prairie best!

Check out some of Grand Prairie's public art & murals!

heART Project Fallen Log in Waggoner Park

Located at 2122 N. Carrier Pkwy, this art installation is inscribed into a fallen tree trunk underneath a beautiful tree canopy with a backdrop of vines and foliage. Fallen Log is the second installation of the heART project.


Downtown Wall Murals

Be sure to take the time to stop by and visit these murals in Downtown Grand Prairie. These pieces will be sure to add inspiration to your selfies!

Be Kind Mural | 120 W. Main St.


Blue Eye Mural | 109 E. Main St.


Cactus Mural at FHGP | 321 W. Main St.


Eat Well Mural | 1310 W. Main St.


Frida Mural | 110 W. Main St.


Hummingbird Mural | 121 E. Main St.


Kyle Steed Mural | 321 W. Main St.


Check out the Warmack Library Butterfly Wings

Monarch Butterfly Mural | 760 Bardin Rd.


Tourist Information Center

Happy Camper | 2170 N. Belt Line Rd.


Life-size Bluebonnets | 2170 N. Belt Line Rd.


Traffic Signal Box Art

The themes this year include:
“The environment”
“Native Birds”

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