You CAN Play Pickleball... We Promise!

Published on March 03, 2022

Chicken N Pickle Overview

What is Chicken N Pickle?

An indoor/outdoor entertainment facility located in Grand Prairie’s EpicCentral, Chicken N Pickle has 11 pickleball courts, an outdoor game yard and a fast-casual restaurant featuring a bar. For complete beginners to league-level players, Chicken N Pickle is ready for you, your friends and your family to hit the court in Grand Prairie!

Pickles are NOT involved

With a name like pickleball, you would think at least one pickle would be involved, right? But there isn’t! Played on a mini tennis court with a ball (that doesn’t hurt too badly if you accidentally get hit with it), this sport is easy to pick up with just a few key rules. Oh, by the way, the restaurant does put pickles on select items.


Pickleball is for everyone

Check out the full rules and game play here! (link to Even if you just show up having never touched a tennis racket or ping pong paddle, pickleball is easy enough to be explained in a few minutes by Chicken N Pickle staff. That makes the entertainment center perfect for family and friends to gather together!

CNP Pickle Ball

Let's hear it for the snacks, burgs, sammies and bar!

What’s the best way to get your friends and family to happily sign up for a day of competitive sport? Make sure there’s food! And Chicken N Pickle has mouthwateringly good food and a full bar… what more could you ask for?

Chicken N Pickle Bar

Too Many Pickles? 

If you want to leave pickleball to the more athletic folks in your group, there is still plenty to experience! With TVs to watch the big game and an array of lawn games and a topside bar with a bird’s eye view, Chicken N Pickle is a destination where everyone will have fun. There are also shuffleboard courts, ping pong and oversized games like Connect4.

Chicken N Pickle Room

Come on! Grab your crew and meet in the heart of Dallas and Fort Worth in Grand Prairie at Chicken N Pickle!

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