Asia Times Square & Hong Kong Market

Dragon in front of Asia Times Square

Asia Time Square is a hub for eastern goods, services, flavors and festivals. One of the cultural center's highlights is the joyful atmosphere and cozy get-together of the Flower Festival held every Lunar New Year. Asia Time Square is home to one of the largest Asian grocery stores in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area, Hong Kong Market provides a wide selection of Asian groceries from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and other Far East countries. Along with outstanding customer service, Hong Kong Market offers the freshest produce, meat and live seafood.

Businesses located inside Asia Time Square

East Building:
Amanda Pham, Beauty Center, Bistro B, Blue Angel Photography, Che Hong Kong, Continental Travel Tours, Crawfish Hut, De Nhat Kho Bo, Decor #1, First Noodle Bar, Five Star Shipping, Asia Times Square Gathering Hall, HK Money Transfer, Hong Kong Bakery, Hong Kong Market Place, Isingtec-nhip Song Music, Cucina Elena, Kim Hoan Jewelry, Lady Jewelry, Ton Nu Group, Mass Mutual Insurance, Mau Phouc Duong, Metro City Bank, Morning Star, Nancy Hair Salon, Nail Spa Wholesale, HT Square, Pho Hung, Pho Ngon 999, Phoenix Insurance, Phuong's Gift Shop, Pure Vision Eye Care, Star Salon, Thein Long Yen, US Jaclean, Inc., VP Wireless, VU Thein Dental, We Heart CBD,

West Building:
Absolute Mortgage, Apsara, Arbor Trinity Health, Bambu, Bahn Mi So 1, Beard Papa, Bida Em, C&G All Soulutions, CAO & Associates, CM Chicken, Global Shopping Mall, Gong Cha, Happy Lamb, Huong Duong, K Mortgage, Meccha Matcha, NV Insurance, Omasake To Go, Quynh NGA Crystal Lighting, Reico, Sakari, Teletron



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